Learn German

Learn German words and vocabulary. Basic German for children and beginners. Join Jingle Jeff and his amazing world of language learning. Click on a video below and begin learning German immediately with one of his crazy videos. Lots of educational fun for the whole family.

1 - 10 in German

German numbers one to ten

Colours in German

Parts of the body in German

German ABC

ABC in German

How to say "good afternoon" in German

How to say "good morning" in German

Big numbers in German

Family members in German

Days of the week in German

Months of the year in German

How to say "thank you very much" in German

Colours in German

1 - 10 in German

Animals in German

Counting in German

How to say "what's your name' in German

Learn German numbers from one to ten

How to say "hello' in German

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